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Tandoori Chicken


1 cup yogurt

2 tbsp ginger/garlic paste

½ tbsp garam masala

1 tbsp cumin powder

1 tbsp coriander powder

2 tsp turmeric powder

½ tbsp red chili powder

1 tbsp Kashmiri red chili powder

2 tsp salt

1 lime, juiced

5 chicken legs


  1. To large bowl, add all ingredients expect the chicken. The Kashmiri powder can be optional if you don’t have any. It’s more for the red color than anything

  2. Whisk until everything is smooth and well combined

  3. Take chicken and cut 2-3 slits in each piece. This will allow the marinade to penetrate it even more, giving it a better flavor

  4. Place chicken in the marinade and keep in the fridge at least three hours. Overnight is ideal if you have the time

  5. Cover a cookie sheet with foil (for easier clean up) and place a wire rack on top. This will keep the chicken elevated and allow it to become crispy all over, rather than cooking in its juices

  6. Put chicken on the rack, leaving some space between each piece. No need to shake off excess marinade. Sometimes I even dump a little extra on top!

  7. Bake in preheated 450F oven for 45 minutes, flipping once halfway, or until chicken is cooked and reaches internal temp. of at least 165

  8. Serve with fresh cut limes to squeeze over the top. Goes great with rice, raita, mint chutney, or all of the above!

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